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Simple Self-Care Healthier Body Practices 

Love Your Body Right Now. Take time to write all the wonderful activities your body allows you to do. THANK your body for supporting you 24/7.  Your body is a miracle and designed to heal. Take care of it so it can take care of you.

Choose Foods That Support Your Healthy Body. You can eat more fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Keep in mind that whole foods (foods in their original state - not processed) offer the most nutrients to support your healthy body. Also, consider greatly reducing meat, dairy and sugar.  There is A LOT of scientific evidence that supports a whole food plant-based diet.

Drink More Water. Imagine and know that you are cleansing the inside of your body and eliminating toxins when you drink water. Add fresh squeezed lemon or lime to for added health benefits. Notice how the water fills your belly preventing you from overeating. Also, you'll notice your skin looks great from the hydration. If your tap water doesn't taste good, consider investing in a water filter and reusable bottle to save money and the environment.  

Simple Self-Care Aligned Mind Practices 

Find the Present in the Present. If you find yourself spiraling in a runaway train of thoughts...bring yourself to the calm of the present moment by focusing on your breath and then looking for something pleasing in your immediate environment...a beautiful flower, sky, object, etc. Pretend as though you are seeking a present you'd give to someone or a gift you'd like to receive yourself. 

Mind Vacation. Close your eyes and imagine one of your favorite places. Retreat to your special place using all your senses to bring it to full life in your imagination. Notice how refreshed and good you feel afterwards! 

BYOBFF.  Be Your Own Best Friend Forever by making friends with your thoughts and allowing them to just be, as they are.  You know and can imagine that like clouds...they go away. Also you can summon your curiosity to determine why they're making you uncomfortable (if they are.) Express them out of your body in a journal as you hold compassion for your gentle heart. 







Simple Self-Care WholeHearted Practices 

Treasure Hunt. Take time to sit back and write about all the things that lift your heart.  Put aside all judgments - yours and others - in order to allow yourself to dig deep for the treasures of what you LOVE to do. Write them down and begin to think of ways you can add more of these treasures into your life. 

Your Greater Good. Get quiet and give yourself time to reflect upon all the things you would do in a heartbeat if you received a magic wand that gave all you desire.  Write about all the gifts you already have and all the wonderful gifts and experiences you'd like to receive in the future. Now you have a clear vision of what you really want. You can create easy steps to achieve all that you dream of. 

Nurture in Nature. Mother Nature sustains our lives in every way.  Go for a quiet walk in Nature and let her peaceful energy embrace you as the sun warms your body, or as you watch the leaves sway in the gentle wind, or as you listen to the melodies of birds or watch the sky change colors. Go outside and sit or walk as she lifts your heart with her natural beauty, Grace and wonder. 

 Excellent Trusted Resources for Well-Being

W E B S I T E S - information on topics related to overall health & well-being. disseminates mindfulness practices & more. - emotional well-being information and practices. - cutting edge & fascinating brain/body/spirit research. - science & research-based information about food and nutrition. - science & research-based information for a healthier body. - science & research-based information for a healthier body.

YouTube Channels for Well-Being
  • TED Talks, TEDx Talks 

  • Jon Kabat-Zinn* -Audio book Mindfulness for Beginners + Raisin Meditation

  • Dr. Mark Hyman*

      *featured on different channels when you do a search

A Free & Fantastic Meditation App

Insight Timer - I highly recommend. 





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