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1-to-1 coaching with Mary

who is this for

Anyone who wants to...

Create personal  positive change. 

Understand what drives their actions...both 

good & not-so-good.

Learn & practice new habits that support wellness.

Feel good about their decisions & choices. 

Skillfully develop self-awareness, self-care, self-compassion & positive change for good.

Move in their wholehearted right direction.

Develop an even better version of themselves. 

what to expect

A minimum of 3 individualized online sessions for effective shifts. 


Supportive and professional personalized coaching/hypnotherapy sessions that move you forward in your right direction. 

Take-home customized self-hypnosis recording to reorient subconscious alignment.

Feeling more energy, agency, and clarity for your journey forward.

what you need

A quiet & private space where you can be physically comfortable.

Access to internet via charged phone, tablet or computer. 

Earbuds/headphones if available.

Zoom online meeting platform, or FaceTime via your 

iPhone/tablet/computer, or                Facebook messenger video.

sessions, fees & payment

I require a minimum of 3- 1.5 hour sessions for the Even Better Me  program to effectuate meaningful and transformational  change. 

The sessions are scheduled during a 3-week sequential period. 

1-to-1 individual 3-session Even Better Me program includes a supplemental personalized hypnotherapy recording. 

Payment options include: 

1. Pay in full when scheduled $340.00 

2. Pay in 2 installments prior to first two scheduled sessions $200. & $140.

Payments are securely processed through PayPal. (No, you don't need an account.)

a reminder...

Coaching and hypnotherapy are effective modalities that have helped millions of people achieve personal success and well-being of the WHOLE SELF - body, mind and spirit. 

I am delighted to combine these two techniques in conjunction with mindfulness practice, and offer as a powerful, therapeutic approach that helps anyone develop a deeper and compassionate understanding of their relationships with themself, others, and Life  -for overall improved health & contentment. 

Change because you can... Let's work together.

Complete the request here.

I will contact you within 24 hours to have &/or set up a free 15 min. consult &/or get you scheduled. Please put aside 15 

minutes for this important first step.



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1-to-1 session request

Life is a learning experience. There is never a moment when we're not learning on this planet.  ~Caroline Myss

1-to-1 session request
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