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the process

about coaching

Life Coaching is a collaboration in which clients are asked questions to gain clarity, self-awareness and insight.

Together we structure achievable steps to support the desired habitual, emotional or physical change.

I train my clients in emotional regulation, self-hypnosis and stress-management practices to support self-development and personal transformation.

Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed mental and physical state most people experience just before falling asleep.

In this theta brainwave state, the client's inner critic eases up allowing integration of positive suggestions that are seeded in the subconscious mind creating a new orientation to processes that are aligned with the client's desired outcomes. 

Hypnosis (deep relaxation with guided imagery) feels so natural because it is. is a fast and effective therapy that supports change in the here and now through awareness, insight and repetition.

about hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is the process of putting one's inner critic in a state of relaxation so that one's subconscious beliefs can be accessed and reoriented to the client's desired outcomes. Hypnosis feels so natural because it is.

In this slower theta brainwave state, the client's mind is primed to accept suggestions that, with permission, are planted in the subconscious mind creating new and natural behaviors that are aligned with the client's desired changes

about change

There are 4 stages to the desired change process:

1. Contemplation- Acknowledge there's a problem

     but not ready to change

2. Preparation- Getting ready to change (finding support)

3. Action - Take steps to change (engaging with support)

4. Maintenance - Maintaining the change

Since you're reading this right now...I can assure you, you're definitely ready.

How does it feel to imagine that...

You're making choices that feel so good.

Your thinking has shifted to a more positive outlook.

You trust yourself, others, and life itself. 

You take care of yourself because you really want to.

You're even more skilled at navigating uncomfortable situations and emotions.

about your brain

The brain doesn't care so much about truth, its job is help us survive. It does this by storing our memories in our subconscious library so that we can operate on autopilot - where function becomes second nature. (ex. driving, walking, eating). This is why self-awareness is the foundation of the change process. With self-awareness and subconscious congruence, one can make conscious decisions that support intended results. Your brain is perfectly capable of creating and orienting to new beliefs and habits that support you in your life.  

session(s) overview

you & me

identify/discuss presenting issues, symptoms & behaviors

clarify client-centered intentions/outcomes and the 'whys'

explore strengths, values, limiting beliefs, barriers & triggers

practice stress-management techniques

create supportive self-care plan 

engage in therapeutic, deeply relaxing hypnosis visionary session

typical results

clients create new life-supporting habits & change for good

more vitality, energy, confidence and purpose

improved relationship to self and others

emotional regulation, resilience and balance

solutions to problems/issues


stress-reduction techniques

meaningful, positive change because you decide to 

taking even better care of yourself because you want to

emotional balance because you know how to

self-hypnosis training & personalized recording

regenerative sound sleep


our work together

Helping people develop self-awareness and a deeper understanding of themselves moves the individual in their own right direction. People I've worked with have reduced stress, shed the weight, stopped smoking, started exercising, eat healthier, sleep better, think better about themselves, not because they have to...they do it because they want to take better care of themselves and they want find and feel happiness, purpose and joy.

What I bring to my sessions is my coach/hypnotherapy/community healthcare worker training, socratic questioning, reflective feedback, personal development tools, my ongoing holistic well-being research, years of successfully working with clients and of course, my own life experiences.  Working with me you will skillfully evolve into an even better version of yourself...whatever that is.

When our basic needs are met, we all have the capacity to reach our highest potential using our kind heart, flexible mind, creativity and imagination.

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