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My name is Mary Campagna, 

artist, coach/hypnotherapist, writer, nature lover

and wholehearted deep thinker.

Today and every day, there is change and uncertainty causing tremendous stress for so many. How does one find peace in the chaos?

We all face crossroads in life where discomfort squeezes like a tight shoe. Many are not taught how to navigate this discomfort and like my previous self, fall prey to the predatory marketing of products and services that promise to make life better when in fact, they do more harm than good. 

Our emotions are the trail markers of our well-being -our internal guidance system that like hunger, get our attention. HOWEVER, if we drive in the dense fog of worry, fear and makes it difficult to see where we're going...and what to do next. 

The more peace any of us has inside, creates more peace outside.

Now, more than ever, we need more peace on this planet. 

I proudly offer my art to inspire a deeper connection with Mother Nature's calming and healing effects, and my coaching/hypnotherapy to help anyone open their heart and connect with the peace that is already inside. 

I've been in the trenches of excessive smoking, eating, drinking, worry, fear and sadness. With supportive coaching, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, and courage...I cultivated inner peace, and created new habits & well-being that support my life's journey. Wanting to pay it forward, I invested the time and energy to certify as a life coach and hypnotherapist -and skillfully help others rewrite their story and rise up to their own personal greater good. 


When our basic needs are met, we all have the capacity and potential to be peaceful, happy and healthy. We were born with a S.O.U.L. Source Of Unconditional Love -all we have to do is start within.


May you continue to grow & learn from all you do.

With Love, Peace and Happy, 


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