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I love nature. I'm always in deep thought as I walk in her peace. Here is something I wrote today.

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April 19, 2019

A tree just knows

What it needs to grow

It asks not, "Am I doing this right?"

It doesn't feel guilty for shading the plants below

It's probably happy to protect people who linger beneath it from the harsh sun or cold rain

Every year as it lives through its changes

Often as a home to birds or bees

It gets to watch life...

The spring flowers

The streams flowing

The ants crawling on its trunk

Young children swinging from its branches

I'm certain it hears the birds singing

Crickets chirping

And sees the butterflies migrating

And the clouds making abstracts in the sky

I wonder if it feels the ocean waves crashing on the beach in the other towns on the coastline

I'm certain it feels the wind massaging its leaves

There are so many trees...just look at them

All growing upward toward the sky, reaching for the sunlight

Some are bursting with life, robust with fruit and flowers

Some have shiny green leaves, or yellow or orange or leaves that are too sharp to touch

Some stand alone on the side of a steep hill

Each is uniquely different and still friend to each other

I think it amazing that like human bodies, trees too grow on their own

No one telling them what to do

Or how to be

Or to hurry up

No one demanding they look a certain way

They just grow

Hmmm...if I were a tree, I wonder where I'd want to be planted

So that I could

Watch, grow and give whatever I wanted

Whenever I wanted

However I wanted

EXACTLY as I wanted

And even, perhaps, as I was meant to

When I was once a tiny seed

Having just landed on the ground

From my great mother oak

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