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I offer you the sweet melodic songs of birds as you pause and listen.

You find me in the swishes of the wind as you watch the grass gently sway.

You touched me as you slid your fingers on the rose's petals.

My essence infused your moments with my aromas of jasmine and sage.

You tasted me in the sweet nectar of the peach and the juicy orange.

You stepped in my stillness when you stood in the dense fog.

Close your eyes and summon me inside.

I am here for your comfort and Peace.

I am the calm in the center of your heart.

I am the knowing of your good will.

I am the blood in your veins and the synergy in your brain.

I see your eyes when together we gaze in the mirror,

And smile,

And wish,

And yearn,

And hope,

And love...

Walk with me,

Hand in hand,

In heart and soul,

And breathe,

And breathe some more,

So I may be even closer,

As you dream, reflect and wander,

In your good and your ugly,

For I am here with you,

Loving you always,

With divine reverence,

For the miracle you are.

Love, Grace

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