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Like the light sometimes breaks through the dense cloud

So too do I strive to break free from my fear and my ugly

For when I steep in my own current of scared

Swimming in thoughts that smother my spirit

Drowning in the heaviness of 'not enough'

I am blind to all the gifts I DO have


I will not feed the fear by dropping into hopelessness or rejection

I will not give those thoughts the strength to keep me in darkness

Writhing, choking, worried, weary...invisible


I will hold hands with my Truth that IS Love

LOVE...the soul-lifting, life-giving, mightiest of all everything

Here, always available to strengthen

Gathered in gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, creativity

I KNOW that is the 'real' me


In infusing more Love into my being

Feasting on its nourishment and essence

I wholly align with my sacred heart

Lighter and lifted in courage, and Truth and trust

I pray and give thanks for this great adventure

Where I get to explore and discover the treasures

Of it all...the good, the bad and the ugly

The reflection that is...ME and M.E. My Energy

Thank you

Note: I don't know about you...but for me I tend to react, or, act again, in ways that were established throughout my years. If I sense rejection - I instantly go that path of defense and become ugly in thought rather then standing in MY OWN LOVE and belief in MY OWN GOODNESS. I am truly excited to continue my life with this beautiful breakthrough and become more mindful of my thoughts and my re-actions or actions. I am after all...a human being.

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