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The World Is Changing

Change is the foundation of the work I do with my coaching/hypnotherapy clients.

There are two types of change - desired and undesired.

Recently I worked with a client who felt 'stuck'...and who was very indecisive about the career change she wanted to create for herself.

She expressed she was waking up every morning with good intentions yet remained inert -unclear in what she really wanted.

Interestingly she knew what she needed.

To help her, we did some exploring with what I like to call 'Gold Digging' -therapeutic questioning to figure out what might be causing the paralysis around her indecision.

Next, I did what I call a 'mental cleanse', a detox of the indecision.

With her conscious and subconscious permission, I placed her in a very relaxed state of hypnosis where she released the sticky substance of indecision.

I could tell she was clear based on her smile and her palpable uplifted energy!

I ended the session by guiding her into the movie theater of her life.

I had her project herself on the movie screen and visualize herself achieving the wanted change she was seeking.

Without hesitation, she clearly saw herself in her career change feeling so confident and feeling a sense of achievement.

After discussing her 'Gold' (aka. goals) she unearthed, she left the session with her own personalized affirmations and hypnosis audio to keep her mind actively working for her.

I'll let you know how well she's doing when I see her at her next session! Promise.

I'm sharing this with you because right now so many of my clients have been struggling with all the changes in the world and in their own lives.

Like me, you already know that change can not be avoided.

Yet many people resist change, or believe they can't.

Why? Because the unfamiliarity that comes with change can be very uncomfortable for anyone, or, they can be in the trance of limited beliefs that they're not able to achieve or attain their desired change.

I remember telling a friend that I couldn't lose weight because "I love eating too much".

Working with a coach, I realized I didn't have the tools and mindset to lovingly take care of myself. With her help I learned and developed the skills and tools to make the changes I desired.

Thankfully because like you, I too am a dynamic, evolving organism...I began walking down a new path to a healthier me by taking the smallest of steps so that change was easy AND so that I could manage the discomfort of change in small forward movements.

My small steps led to strides which led to permanent self-care, self-awareness and self-love...WHOLLY GRAIL!

After 10 years, those life-supporting, self-care practices are with me today and I continue to gratefully enjoy my health and well-being with practices that feel good.

I'm by no means perfect because I am ALWAYS learning and practicing!

If you want to make one tiny positive shift for yourself (to bring more peace to yourself and those around you)...start with a smile.

Smile at your reflection every chance you get...because like it or not, you are changing.

I always express to clients that we were gifted with emotions -our internal guidance system - to let us know if we're living in accordance with our heart and soul.

What are your emotions telling you?

Do you need to change something?

Thanks for reading!

Oh, and if you're struggling with some sort of change...I can help.

With Love, Peace & Gratitude,


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