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And Breathe...

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Did you know the choices you make today have the power to shape your destiny for the rest of your life?

Of course you know this.

And yet, if you’re like me 10 years ago...

You might be working and doing your best to balance all the responsibilities of life as a parent, a partner, a caregiver, an employee. You might be overwhelmed with personal relationships or health issues. You might not know how to navigate uncomfortable emotions like vulnerability or fear. You might be stressed out...and putting your health on the back burner. You might not even know what healthy food is - due to all the conflicting scientific studies. I remember when I was in the thick of raising a young family and working, I was enmeshed in running a household, a business, and raising a family far more than my personal health and well-being. Exercise...really!? On the outside, I was happy, confident, fun to be with and 40 lbs. overweight. Inside, I felt overwhelmed, exhausted, self-doubting, unattractive and out of control with my eating habits.

Thankfully I found a health coach and learned how to be more self-aware and how to approach myself with appreciation, kindness, patience, and love...rather than self-deprecation and feelings of unworthiness. With this approach, I effortlessly made choices that supported my body rather than harmed it. I ate far more vegetables, fruits, whole grains and drank water from my water bottle to which I wrote and taped the word ‘courage’... so that every time I drank out of my water bottle, I pretended I was drinking courage. It worked perfectly on my subconscious!

Fast forward to almost 10 years later (wow, time flies!) and I remain in excellent health as I continue to make wise food choices (forgive myself when I don’t), drink a lot of water, move my body most days, practice gratitude for all I have and for the most part...feel solid that I can manage uncertainty and uncomfortable feelings.

Now, please know that my life isn’t always peaches and cream and when I have turbulence in my thoughts or my relationships, or experience life challenges...I increase my self-care practices to calm myself down so that I can move forward as needed. And, if all else fails...I take a nap!

How about you? Are you overwhelmed or do you feel ‘out of control’ with your eating or thinking? Are you taking good care of yourself? What words are you saying when you look in the mirror? If you’re feeling really good about yourself..whoo hoo...I am truly happy for you! If you’re in a place that doesn’t feel so good – PLEASE be kind to yourself and love yourself more by eating healthy food, resting, and knowing that you can calm your nervous system by taking a nice deep breath and imagining the feeling of Peace somewhere in your body. It works for me every time. (I imagine the Peace feeling in my heart.)

Why am I sharing this personal information? Because I’ve been in the trenches of unhealthy habits and learned how to healthfully move forward and care for myself through my hypnotherapy and life coach training. If you want to move in your right can join the scores of others who benefitted from my hypnotherapy/coaching sessions. At the end of the day...when you’re happier and more peaceful...the world truly is a better place!

Of course you know this!

Love & Peace, Mary

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