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Self-Care Your Way

How are you feeling today? are you feeling?

Are you excited with anticipation of a fun upcoming event?

Are you enjoying the fresh scents, sights and sounds of spring?

Do you hear the birds singing?

Or...Are you having moodiness for no reason...or for a reason?

Are you plugging in and feeding yourself toxic bad news or toxic foods, drinks, people?

Are you in physical pain?

Do you have mental balance?

Recently two family members were admitted to the hospital for unpredicted health issues...both in intensive care which understandably knocked me off balance.

I’ve been feeling confused, a tiny bit sad...contemplating a bit deeper about life and living.

As a human being and a life coach, I asked myself, ‘what can I do to feel more stable, more trusting?’

I quickly realized that I know what to do for myself.

I know it’s important for me to accept what is ... and live in the here and now.

I know I find my inner peace and strength when connecting with Mother Nature.

I know I’m already loving and caring for my body because well, I just love her.

She lets me experience my whole life and Nature.

I 100% recognize I’m not perfect...sometimes I consume things that make me feel horrid, or think unkind thoughts...and I forgive myself.

What I know for that everyone has their own journey, their own experiences, perspectives, and choices.

Choices to care for themselves in ways that feel right for them...or not.

Do you have self-care practices that help you feel good when life is uncertain?

That is...practices that support you, not hurt you.

I saw a sign today that read ‘Don’t be afraid of people.’

I prefer, ‘Don’t be afraid to take chances.’

‘Don’t be afraid to stand in your love -which is the strongest power!’

'You are so much stronger than you know.'

That’s exactly why I let my clients lead the way to their own self-care practices.

They know what feels right and good for their body, mind, and spirit.

Naturally I’ll make suggestions based on what they tell me...and check in to make sure they're taking good care of themselves.

Ultimately it’s up to them...just like it’s up to me to practice self-care and be extra compassionate on this planet of uncertainty.

Today, I smelled spring flowers noticing their beauty.

I smiled at many strangers during a walk and they smiled back.

I snapped at my husband and apologized later.

I was consciously grateful for all I have.

I hope you are inspired to care for yourself when needed.

It is something only YOU can choose to do.

I leave you with this thought that came to me yesterday...

‘Life is your teacher. Love is your lesson plan.’

Love = Taking such good care of care!

In Peace,


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