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Seeds of Change

With all the changes happening in our world today (although not just today...always), it seems to me that now is truly the time to step it up and do what we really want to do, if not doing so already. What I realized many years ago when we went cabin & tent camping as a family, is that having a bathroom, a place to cook, and a comfortable bed are luxuries I get to experience in our home. When we camped (which I still love to do), it was a 10-minute walk to the bathroom, we had to wait for a shower, washed our dishes in buckets of cold water and slept on air mattresses that always deflated during the night. We'd play games, roast marshmallows and hang our wet clothes on the rope tied between two trees. When we returned to our home, I was even more grateful for the ease of an indoor toilet, a warm shower, food and the other amenities of a home.

Fast forward to 25 years later and still I'm so appreciative for the luxuries of our home. Thankfully we are in a home...unlike so many of our brothers and sisters in our human family. And, having been in transition and without a stable residence for eight months relying on the kindness of our families and airbnb's, I know what it feels like to be completely uprooted and unstable. As I reflect on that time, I still feel a bit uncomfortable, yet that discomfort quickly fades as I steep in my new reality that today -in this moment -we are safe, we are secure, we are with food, permanent shelter, sunlight, birds, flowering spring trees, and each other.

We made it to the other side. We are here now.

What I know for sure...I know the pain and discomfort during that time, brought me to my knees, opened my heart with more perspective, and fertilized the deepest dreams buried in my dreams of bringing more peace and more joy to other people and our beautiful planet...Mother Earth.

What about you?

Have you also been brought to your knees in the recent past?

Are you feeling vulnerable with all that's happening in our world right now?

Are you moving in the direction of your heart?

Are you aligned with your soul? (aka, your spirit)

Do you have seeds of change that you've planted, or plan to?

Wherever you're at...

May you be with more Peace.

May you be with more Love.

May you be with more Joy.

And may you be, forever, and a day.

With Gratitude for You,



PS. My website has been updated with wonderful new offerings to bring you even more peace & happy! I'm so pleased with how it came out. Here's the link. WEBSITE .

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