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peace of mind...priceless

the process 

  • complete the outreach form below. 

  • I will call to speak with you within 24 hours to answer questions and/or get you scheduled

remote session



  • a quiet & private space where you can be physically comfortable

  • access to internet via charged phone, tablet or computer

  • earbuds/headphones if available

  • online meeting platform:  Zoom Link OR FaceTime via your phone/tablet/computer OR Facebook messenger video (Facebook link to friend me so we can use Facebook messenger video)

fees for service

  • 1st session is always a  1.5-hour session @ $90.00 (based on hourly fees of $60./hour)

  • additional 1-hour sessions are scheduled if/as needed 

  • You move at your own pace

payment terms

  • payable at end of each individual session

payment methods

first step




 Reach out and we'll figure out how to work              together.

confidential  outreach/scheduling form
submit form OR call and leave a message
I will call you within 24 hours to get you scheduled &/or answer any questions
After submitting, I will 
send an email confirmation from
and call to speak to you(within 24 hours).
Outreach Form

let it be

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