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More Peace to You

Updated: 4 days ago

It's been way too long since I've last reached out to you. This time last year we packed up a POD and drove across the country to my sister's place in North Carolina in hopes of finding steady work and a place to live. We had no idea what would happen next and felt grateful for the temporary stays with family and at airbnb's.

(If I already told you this...I apologize for the repetition.)

I am reaching out today since I'm reflecting as another year comes to a close...thinking about my phone conversation with a friend whose in a place of melancholy remembering the relationship that ended this time last year...just like our California experience.

The holidays can bring joy and sadness for anyone.

Regardless...I hope you're having a wonderful year and like me, started thinking about all the good possibilities for 2022. I LOVE what my sister, Noelle, came up with...'2022- new me and new you'. "Yes, Noelle, I look forward to creating my new me for sure!" I told her.

I plan to build my wellness and art business here in Charlotte, NC and online...and of course maintain my good health! What about you? Are you enjoying the holidays or are you steeping in a bit of melancholy like my friend? After all, there really has been SO MUCH CHANGE this year.

Wherever you're at...May you be well, with peace, with love and always with gratitude because they are all medicine for your heart and soul.

Love, Mary

PS. You'll hear more from me in 2022 with practices for improved health & wellness. DEFINITELY consider liking me on Facebook or Instagram. Click here for the link.

Here's to 2022...a New Year and an Even More Peaceful You!

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