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Empathy 04/02/21

Updated: 3 days ago

I just realized as I'm updating my website that it's been a whole year since I last wrote.

Last year at this time I was wondering if COVID was real and went to the grocery store with a mask and often sanitized my hands to protect myself -just in case. I stopped planning for any art shows since they came to an abrupt halt and was considering other means to earn an income. I doubled up when counting the blessings of our good health, made room for my husband's new work-at-home office, took my walks in the neighborhood, rather then go for hikes since the parks were closed, and I trained and became a hypnotherapist.

Since then, I still wear my mask and sanitize my hands after outdoor excursions. Since then, my older son flew the coop and is living in Nevada. Since then, we temporarily moved to North Carolina into my sister's condo with the intention to save money and find a new job for my husband -since he was released from his job -along with 100s of other employees, Now, we have less than four weeks to find another roof over our heads; my husband is still looking for that job (along with millions of others) and I continue building my new hypnotherapy business with the mission to create more much-needed peace and wellness in both this world and my heart.

It's been a whirlwind of adventure, change, hope, despair, tears, gratitude, uncertainty, vulnerability, conflict, confusion, trust and fear...for our family and for so many others who have been affected by this pandemic.

What I discovered is that now more than ever, I do best to stay afloat as long as I hold onto my core values, my health, my trust that the silver lining will appear (not always easy), Mother Nature, the love I have for my sons and my husband (my angels) and this present moment. I have listened to others' unsolicited and well-meaning opinions of what I should do and who I should be. I felt shameful that I wasn't further along financially than most people I know. I crumbled in others' recent criticism and judgment of my mistakes. To what end?

We'll find another place to stay. We have money saved and we'll find a rental and eventually a permanent home - perhaps when the market isn't so crazy and we have steady income. We have our health. My husband, sons & myself ...we have each other. I continue to build my business, create my art, find Peace in Mother Nature, practice self-care and see once again how I show up in the face of adversity. And so, if you find yourself in the despair of uncertainty, I encourage you to listen to your heart, know your values and trust that there is a silver lining ...because there is...because you get to see what, and even who, really matter to you...and because you get to grow through adversity.

You, me, us...we are in this together and I believe we are so much stronger and powerful than we know.

Please don't judge others as I have been judged. It doesn't' feel good and really...everyone has their very own life experiences through which they see the world. Only YOU know what is truly best for your heart and your soul.

Written with so much Gratitude for the opportunity to create...Peace & Love, Mary

PS. My new Peace project is about to launch and I'm SO EXCITED TO share it with you! Here's a preview!!

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Pepper Sander
Pepper Sander
Apr 09, 2021

Mary ,my husband and I met you at the big Art Fair in Claremont California a few years back. We absolutely loved your art work. What I found about you is your peaceful manner, and even your emails and how you speak, is calming just as I remember you. I hope to see you again in the near future. Thank you for all you do and for being the person that you are. Take Care and many good blessings to you and your lovely family.

Sandy :)

Mary Campagna
Mary Campagna
Apr 09, 2021
Replying to

Hi Sandy, THANK YOU so much for your kind words. You made my day!! It truly touches my heart that you took the time to reach out and express how I showed up (and still do) at my shows & in life! I'm smiling ear to ear! Claremont was one of my favorite CA shows! I met so many wonderful people like you & your husband! I am so looking forward to exhibiting at shows again. I LOVE creating my art. Thank you again for your kind response!! With SO MUCH gratitude, Mary ❤️

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